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Automatic online packaging machine for steel wire, horizontal wrapping film machine for wires and cables, corrugated pipe coil wrapping machine


1. Product usage:

 The ring wrapping machine is a novel wrapping machine specially researched, designed and manufactured by our company for the metallurgical and rubber industries. It plays a good role in protecting ring-shaped objects such as steel strips from rust, corrosion and dust. It can be widely used in the outer packaging of steel strips, copper strips, aluminum strips, steel wires, rubber hoses, tires, cables, and other ring-shaped objects. This machine has the advantages of easy entry and exit of packaged objects, wide range of winding and packaging, easy operation and convenient adjustment. Products after winding packaging can reduce the surface wear of the product, improve sealing, and facilitate product storage and transportation. After wrapping and packaging, the product not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has good moisture-proof, dust-proof, rust-proof, anti-aging, and anti-accidental damage effects.

    This machine has the advantages of high safety, fast packaging speed, wide packaging range, and easy operation. It allows you to improve work efficiency, save working time, reduce product packaging costs, and improve product quality.

2. Product features:

●Using Xinjie PLC microcomputer control.

●Easy to operate, the display screen shows the operation.

●After packaging is completed, the swivel is automatically positioned.

●The swivel and rollers are controlled by frequency converters for speed regulation, and the overlap of the packaging tapes can be adjusted as needed.

● Equipped with a lifting device, the swivel ring can move up and down to adapt to products of different sizes and outer diameters.

●The protective roller can be adjusted left and right to adapt to products of different sizes and widths.

●The swivel driving wheel is made of high-quality imported polyurethane material, which is highly wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant.

●The rotating rollers and protective rollers are made of high-quality polyurethane or nylon, which are highly wear-resistant and can prevent the packaging from being worn or scratched.

●The optional synchronous winding mechanism allows packaging tapes of two different materials to be wound at the same time, improving work efficiency.

●Safety guardrail makes the operation process safer and more secure.

●The upper opening form facilitates product entry and exit and improves work efficiency.

●Automatic control, complete the packaging process with one click. The operation is simple and convenient.

●Manual/automatic working mode selection.

●The tightness of the packaging belt is adjustable.

●Safe, convenient, small footprint

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