Intelligent Soft Motor Starter
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Intelligent Soft Motor Starter

Yilane Tech® Model Intelligent Soft Motor Starter from China factory, VDS8 intelligent motor soft starter is a new type of motor starting equipment which is designed and produced by adopting power electronics technology, microprocessor technology and modern control theory and has the current international advanced level. This Intelligent Soft Motor Starter can effectively limit the starting current of asynchronous motor when starting, and can be widely used in heavy load equipment such as fans, pumps, conveyors and compressors. It is an ideal replacement of traditional star/delta conversion, auto coupling voltage reduction, magnetic control voltage reduction and other voltage reduction starting equipment.

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Product Description

Yilane Tech® Intelligent Soft Motor Starter made in China has very wide range of applications.

Water pump - use the soft stop function to relieve the water hammer phenomenon of the pump when it stops, saving the cost of system maintenance.

Ball mill - start with voltage ramp, reduce the wear of gear torque, reduce maintenance workload, save time and cost.

Fan--reduce belt wear and mechanical impact, saving maintenance costs.

Compressor--Using current limiting, it realizes smooth start, reduces motor heating, and prolongs service life.

Crusher--Using locked-rotor protection and fast protection to avoid mechanical failure or blockage causing motor overheating and burning conveying machinery--Smooth and progressive starting process through soft start to avoid product displacement and liquid overflow.

Intelligent Soft Motor Starter Conditions of use of VDS8C/E

1. Power supply: commercial power, self-provided power station, diesel generator set;

2. Input voltage: AC380V, AC690V, AC1140V (-10%~+15%) 50Hz/60Hz;

3. Applicable motor: general rat Cage asynchronous motor (please specify when ordering the wound motor);

4. Starting frequency: standard products are recommended to start and stop no more than 20 times per hour; 5. Cooling method: natural air cooling;

6. Installation method: wall-mounted;

7. Installation requirements: VDS8 series soft starters should be connected with a bypass AC contactor;

8. Protection level: IP20~IP30 depends on the power level; 

9. Environmental conditions: If the altitude exceeds 1000 meters, the capacity should be reduced accordingly;

Between -25°C and +45°C: the relative humidity does not exceed 95% (20°C±5°C); condensation, no flammable, explosive, corrosive gas, and no conductive dust. 

Indoor installation with good ventilation. Vibration is less than 0.5G.

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