Frequency Converter Inverter VFD 750
  • Frequency Converter Inverter VFD 750Frequency Converter Inverter VFD 750

Frequency Converter Inverter VFD 750

Yilane Tech® Model Frequency Converter Inverter VFD 750 from China factory, VFD 750 series frequency converter is a product continuously developed on the high performance vector technology platform of Yilane Electric. The Frequency Converter Inverter VFD 750 not only adopts the internationally leading vector control technology, compatible with asynchronous and synchronous motor control, but also makes reasonable layout of parts and components to achieve compact design on the premise of high performance and high reliability. It has strengthened the customer's ease of use and professional design of the industry, equipped with rich expansion interfaces and new expansion accessories, and achieved the characteristics of high performance, high reliability, high power density and high applicability.

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Product Description

Yilane Tech® Frequency Converter Inverter VFD 750 Features Overview

High performance vector universal platform, new motor control algorithm.

Synchronous and asynchronous drive integration, open loop and closed loop integration.

Comprehensive thermal simulation design ensures the rationality of hardware layout.

New air duct design, full series of DC fans for heat dissipation, safe and reliable.

Modular design requirements for software and hardware, and strong expansion capability.

Comprehensive expansion of interfaces, rich selection of accessories, covering various applications. Optimized and convenient keyboard design, while supporting the new external keyboard.

The three proofing design of the whole machine and PCB spraying three proofing paint ensure the stability and reliability of the product.

The whole series of IGBT modules are designed to ensure stable quality.

Built in industry application macro, which supports one key setting of industry parameters.

Personalize the pressure and frequency sleep, and set the target value directly by pressing up and down.

Run the timed user password. The password is required to unlock when the timer arrives.

Full series of intelligent input phase loss protection functions.

Frequency Converter Inverter VFD 750 High starting torque characteristics

High low frequency torque. Under closed loop vector mode, it can output 180% rated torque at 0.0Hz

It can operate stably with load at ultra-low speed of 0.01Hz. The powerful torque output can effectively ensure the stability and smoothness of startup.

Frequency Converter Inverter VFD 750 Motor parameter self-learning

Whether in rotating or stationary motor self-learning, motor parameters can be accurately obtained, debugging is convenient , operation is simple, and provides higher control accuracy and response speed.

The rotation self-learning must be disconnected from the load learning, which is suitable for occasions with high control accuracy requirements.

Completely static self-learning The leading motor self-learning algorithm can obtain motor parameters in the static state of the motor, and the effect is comparable to that of rotating self-learning.

The over-excitation braking function

can realize rapid braking through the over-excitation braking function without increasing the braking resistance in the occasion of partial inertia stop, which improves the usability of the product. The over-excitation braking function effectively suppresses the rise of the bus voltage during the deceleration process, avoids the overvoltage fault of the inverter, and at the same time realizes rapid braking to meet the fast stop of power failure.

Software Suppression Function

Overcurrent Suppression

The current suppression function can avoid frequent overcurrent alarms of the inverter. When the current exceeds the current protection point, the overcurrent suppression function can continuously limit the current within the current protection point, thereby protecting the safety of the equipment and avoiding overcurrent alarms caused by sudden load or interference. Reduce the loss caused by unexcused downtime.

Overvoltage suppression

The overvoltage suppression function can avoid overvoltage alarm during acceleration and deceleration of the converter. When the converter bus voltage reaches or exceeds the overvoltage protection point during acceleration and deceleration, the overvoltage suppression function can restrain the bus voltage rise by automatically adjusting the operating frequency, thus protecting the equipment from overvoltage alarm caused by the converter bus voltage rise.

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