Soft Motor Starter

Shanghai Yilane Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise from China focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of high, medium and low voltage soft motor starters ,packaging machine and frequency converters.

The soft motor starter is equivalent to a voltage regulator. When the motor is started, the output only changes the voltage and does not change the frequency. It is easy to install and adjust, and all control connections and parameter adjustments are completed on the front. After the soft starter is installed, the user can still conveniently modify it on the spot, such as: additional current limiting function and internal/external conversion selection. The soft motor starter can run continuously online without bypass. The soft starter has separate control relays for bypass and fault. All parameters of the soft starter are set through three knob potentiometers and a dial switch on the panel, which is intuitive and accurate. Can be widely used in textile, metallurgy, petrochemical, water treatment, shipping, transportation, medicine, food processing, mining and mechanical equipment and other industries.

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  • Yilane Tech® Model VDMV Soft Motor Starter cabinet from China factory adopted latest electric electronic technology, VDMV high-voltage solid-state soft starting device is a new type of soft starting device developed by our company. This VDMV Soft Motor Starter cabinet adopts DSP technology, optical fiber high-speed transmission technology and modern advanced control theory to design and develop a new type of intelligent equipment with high performance, multifunction and high security. It is mainly used to protect and control the starting, running and stopping of medium-voltage motors.

  • Yilane Tech® Model Intelligent Soft Motor Starter from China factory, VDS8 intelligent motor soft starter is a new type of motor starting equipment which is designed and produced by adopting power electronics technology, microprocessor technology and modern control theory and has the current international advanced level. This Intelligent Soft Motor Starter can effectively limit the starting current of asynchronous motor when starting, and can be widely used in heavy load equipment such as fans, pumps, conveyors and compressors. It is an ideal replacement of traditional star/delta conversion, auto coupling voltage reduction, magnetic control voltage reduction and other voltage reduction starting equipment.

Yilane Tech is a high quality Soft Motor Starter manufacturers and suppliers in China. You are welcomed to to buy Soft Motor Starter made in China from our factory. Do you have CE certification? Yes. In addition to this, we also provide customized services. We look forward to cooperating with you.
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