Horizontal Steel Belt Packaging Machine

This China Yilane Tech® Horizontal Steel Belt Packaging Machine equipment uses composite paper belt as the main packaging material, and performs work such as retrieving, automatic winding and packaging, and stacking of the slit precision steel belt, so that the package can have a tight packaging effect and achieve The stacked position is convenient for storage and transportation.We do everything we can to add value to our customers' experiences, allowing us to be their best option.
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  • GGW500~1600 (BX) automatic horizontal steel coil winding packaging line is suitable for various narrow metal coil packaging, and has served hundreds of metal coil manufacturers at home and abroad. The overall process flow of the automatic line is simple, the layout is compact and beautiful, the technology is advanced, the operation is continuous and effective, the safety is high, the comprehensive energy consumption is low, the operation and maintenance are simple, and the operating cost is low. Quality Control: To ensure that the quality of the design within its scope of work meets the requirements。

  • We Yilane Tech® high quality Heavy-duty Steel Belt Horizontal Packaging Line has wide applicability, good versatility and high efficiency. It is an ideal solution to solve your packaging automation problems. The change line can pack steel coils and strips of different sizes, and can also serve several different slitting lines at the same time, helping you save labor to the greatest extent.Reclaiming, automatic winding, packaging and stacking of precision steel strip after slitting.Reclaiming, automatic winding, packaging and stacking of precision steel strip after slitting.

  • China Yilane Tech® horizontal steel belt full-automatic packaging line includes rotary cross arm, reclaimer, steel coil packing machine, steel coil packing machine, conveying device, coil stacker and pallet packing machine.This solution is specially designed for annular metal packaging, such as copper coils, stainless steel coils, aluminum coils, copper discs and many more.

  • The China Yilane Tech® horizontal semi-automatic packaging line is composed of a feeding and turning machine, a horizontal winding packaging machine, and a sliding stacking platform. Lifting platform, etc.

Yilane Tech is a high quality Horizontal Steel Belt Packaging Machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. You are welcomed to to buy Horizontal Steel Belt Packaging Machine made in China from our factory. Do you have CE certification? Yes. In addition to this, we also provide customized services. We look forward to cooperating with you.
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