Corporate News

  • Steel coil turning machine manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the rapid development, low cost, small equipment, flexibility and multi-purpose of packaging equipment. In actual production, turning machines are receiving more and more attention. This trend also includes saving time and reducing costs. Therefore, the packaging industry pursues combination, simple, and movable packaging equipment. Automated operating procedures have been widely used in packaging machinery automation, such as PLC equipment, data collection systems, etc.


  • Nowadays as the market is becoming more and more competitive and challenging, innovation, team work and cooperation is very essential for a company to achieve fast and steady development.


  • July 15, , 2023, European customers came to our factory for a field visit. It is our excellent product and service, advanced technology and equipment, promising development prospects that attracted them for the visit.


  • In December 2022, by virtue of its professional and in-depth technical leadership and excellent market expansion capabilities in the fields of packaging machinery,Soft Motor Starter, Frequency Inverter and Industrial Tilters etc, Yizhuo successfully signed a strategic partnership agreement with Russia's MMSH Company .


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