Copper Packaging Machine

This Yilane Tech® Copper Packaging Machine equipment is mainly composed of composite paper tape, LLDPE stretch film, etc. Packaging materials, for the slitting precision copper strips, carry out packaging operations such as retrieving and turning, weighing, winding packaging, and stacking.

The company adheres to the enterprise spirit of unity, innovation, efficiency and learning, gathers modern talents, establishes the most scientific management system, absorbs the most advanced technology, constantly improves itself, surpasses itself, continues to progress, stable quality and customer-oriented service , The concept of integrity management, and now it has gradually developed into a more comprehensive and professional automatic machine enterprise.

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  • The Yilane Tech® high quality Copper Straight Tube Carton Packaging Solution equipment consists of receiving platform, front-end feeding line, front-end transfer system, paper card storage system, origami system, labeling machine, tape winding system, stacking system.

  • This China Yilane Tech® Copper Coil Winding Packaging Line can be composed of feeding, winding packaging machine, discharging, printing and labeling, etc., or can be directly used as a single machine.

  • The Yilane Tech® Copper Bar Packaging Line is composed of stacking system, transfer mechanism, end face bagging system, winding packaging machine, weighing system, printing and labeling machine, end storage mechanism, etc.

  • This Yilane Tech® Copper Strip Multi-roll Welding Stacking Line is suitable for multi roll connection of precision copper strip. The head and tail of a plurality of copper coils are welded together, thereby reducing the refueling frequency of copper strip products in the application process and improving the working efficiency.

  • This China Yilane Tech® Copper Tape Packaging Line uses composite paper tape, LLDPE wrapping film, etc. as the main packaging materials, and performs packaging operations such as reclaiming, weighing, wrapping packaging, stacking, etc.

Yilane Tech is a high quality Copper Packaging Machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. You are welcomed to to buy Copper Packaging Machine made in China from our factory. Do you have CE certification? Yes. In addition to this, we also provide customized services. We look forward to cooperating with you.
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