Soft Motor Starter Cabinet
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Soft Motor Starter Cabinet

Yilane Tech® Model VDMV Soft Motor Starter cabinet from China factory adopted latest electric electronic technology, VDMV high-voltage solid-state soft starting device is a new type of soft starting device developed by our company. This VDMV Soft Motor Starter cabinet adopts DSP technology, optical fiber high-speed transmission technology and modern advanced control theory to design and develop a new type of intelligent equipment with high performance, multifunction and high security. It is mainly used to protect and control the starting, running and stopping of medium-voltage motors.

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Product Description

China Yilane Tech® VDMV Soft Motor Starter cabinet integrates modern advanced controller with high-speed digital signal processor as carrier. Method, coupled with high-speed fortunately optical fiber drive and a variety of dynamic and static bed protection measures, realizes the high performance of loading bitter, and loading bitter can be dynamic. Real-time, effectively limit the current of the motor when starting within the set value, avoid the sudden drop of the grid voltage caused by excessive current during starting, make the starting stable, reduce the capacity of power transformation and distribution equipment, and save the investment cost of the project. This Soft Motor Starter cabinet has reliable and accurate over-current, overload, current imbalance, phase loss, thyristor failure and other comprehensive motor protection functions.

VDMV Soft Motor Starter cabinet Functions and Features

● Adopt component structure, modular installation, easy maintenance.

● Using 32-bit digital signal processor and high-performance programmable logic device CPLD, real-time and efficient control of the device, high reliability and good stability: using high anti-interference optical fiber transmission technology, strong anti-interference ability, high voltage and control parts are completely Electrical isolation, safe and reliable operation of the device Measurement function: three-phase current measurement, voltage measurement, zero sequence current, load rate

● Lightning strike overvoltage protection, operation overvoltage protection, various static and dynamic voltage equalization processing, multiple overvoltage Absorption protection technology

● Protection function: phase loss, overcurrent, overload, underload current unbalance, thyristor fault detection, zero sequence protection and other perfect protection functions

● With voltage ramp, sudden jump + voltage ramp, current limit, voltage Ramp + current limit, jog and other starting methods, the starting time interval can be set: free stop or soft stop can be selected according to the load situation

● Display function: large-screen LCD display system, easy to operate, more user-friendly

● Communication function: Isolated RS485 communication MODBUS RTU protocol. The upper computer can be used for centralized control.

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