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  • GGW500~1600 (BX) automatic horizontal steel coil winding packaging line is suitable for various narrow metal coil packaging, and has served hundreds of metal coil manufacturers at home and abroad. The overall process flow of the automatic line is simple, the layout is compact and beautiful, the technology is advanced, the operation is continuous and effective, the safety is high, the comprehensive energy consumption is low, the operation and maintenance are simple, and the operating cost is low. Quality Control: To ensure that the quality of the design within its scope of work meets the requirements。

  • The Yilane Tech® Industrial Tilters with Conveyor can be used fo or dislocation of different horizontal or vertical objects.High quality industrial Tilters with Conveyor from China can be stopped freely and the tilter locked in current position.

  • The Yilane Tech® industrial turning machine which is also called industrial tilters unit can adapt to the turning requirements of products of different specifications, and realize the conversion of horizontal type to vertical type or vertical type to horizontal type.

  • Yilane Tech® Model Frequency Converter Inverter VFD 650 from China factory, The VFD 650 series is the main model of the Yilane inverter. Based on Yilane 's accurate understanding of customer needs, we uphold Yilane 's consistent pursuit of high quality and high reliability. The Frequency Converter Inverter VFD 650 will bring you a completely new feeling of use with excellent performance and powerful functions. Used in textile, paper making, wire drawing, machine tool, packaging, video, fan, water pump and various automatic production equipment

  • Yilane Tech® Model Frequency Converter Inverter VFD 750 from China factory, VFD 750 series frequency converter is a product continuously developed on the high performance vector technology platform of Yilane Electric. The Frequency Converter Inverter VFD 750 not only adopts the internationally leading vector control technology, compatible with asynchronous and synchronous motor control, but also makes reasonable layout of parts and components to achieve compact design on the premise of high performance and high reliability. It has strengthened the customer's ease of use and professional design of the industry, equipped with rich expansion interfaces and new expansion accessories, and achieved the characteristics of high performance, high reliability, high power density and high applicability.

  • Yilane Tech® Model Frequency Converter Inverter VFD 730 from China factory, Frequency Converter Inverter VFD 730 is a general-purpose multi-functional frequency converter, which can control the V/F of AC asynchronous motor, and can be used to drive textile, paper making, wire drawing, machine tools, packaging, food, fans, water pumps and various automatic production equipment. Frequency Converter Inverter VFD 730 has large starting torque, simple debugging, and can realize 8-segment speed operation, system closed-loop process control and networking functions.

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