Wire Packaging Machine

The China Yilane Tech® Wire Packaging Machine is applicable to large coils of metal wire rods, which can be used to compress, bundle, cored, wound and other packaging operations for the fine drawn steel wires.

Shanghai Yilane Technology Co., Ltd. is a technical research and development team with many years of experience in professional back-end logistics packaging, mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production, sales and related technical services of logistics packaging automation systems. The company's main products are: winding machine, automatic winding machine, winding packaging machine, leveling machine, conveyor and other products. Serving various industries such as environmental protection, chemical industry, building materials, food and beverage, agriculture and animal husbandry, electronics, and photovoltaics at home and abroad. We have a deep understanding of the real needs of the market: product quality and technical services. We have been on the road of continuous improvement in product research and development, quality and service, stick to our original intention, strive for continuous improvement, and strive to provide the market with more and better quality related products. Realizing customer satisfaction is our only pursuit!

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  • Yilane Tech® high quality Wire Horizontal Winding Packaging Line is composed of feeding line, weighing system, winding and packaging machine, printing and labeling machine, end storage, etc.As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you Wire Horizontal Winding Packaging Line. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

  • The China Yilane Tech® Wide-coil Wire Core-piercing Winding Packaging Machine is a novel wrapping wrapping machine designed and manufactured for ultra-wide aluminum coils, steel coils, discs, etc., which is convenient for transportation and storage. , Improve product appearance quality. Make the packaged objects relatively sealed, so as to play a good role in protection, fixation and decoration. It is a highly automated, highly integrated, safe and practical packaging equipment. It consists of a packaging host, a moving track, one or more packaging stations and a console.It is composed of feeding line, weighing system, winding and packaging machine, printing and labeling machine, end storage, etc.

  • The Yilane Tech® Special Steel Wire Winding Packaging Unit is mainly used for wrapping and packaging of various kinds of steel wire, wire rod, stainless steel wire, iron wire, galvanized wire, steel wire, prestressed steel wire, disk element and other annular products.

  • Yilane Tech® high quality Large Steel Wire Compression Cored Packaging Line is composed of feeding conveyor line, compression rotary mechanism, core removal mechanism, turnover mechanism, winding packaging machine, etc.

Yilane Tech is a high quality Wire Packaging Machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. You are welcomed to to buy Wire Packaging Machine made in China from our factory. Do you have CE certification? Yes. In addition to this, we also provide customized services. We look forward to cooperating with you.
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