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Application scope of vertical steel strip wrapping machine


The vertical steel tape wrapping machine is a packaging machine with a very wide range of uses. It is mainly used for ring-shaped goods, such as tire wire, steel wire, hose and cables, etc. It is wrapped and packaged through the inner hole of the goods. Usually the packaging material is film, tape and woven For goods such as aluminum foil bags, one piece of equipment can also package multiple materials. For example, for packaging iron wire, a layer of film is usually used, and then a layer of woven bags is used.

2. The vertical steel strip wrapping machine is divided into aluminum rings, frames, lifting parts, rollers and other parts. Each part needs to work in coordination to complete the packaging. The supporting roller is responsible for the bottom transmission, allowing the goods to rotate. The aluminum ring is driven by the motor to drive the packaging material through the heart of the goods. In order to accurately package through the inner hole, the lifting part adjusts the height through the screw to adjust the packaging height. Complete the entire packaging process.

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