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Development Prospects of Steel Coil Turning Machine


Steel coil turning machine manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the rapid development, low cost, small equipment, flexibility and multi-purpose of packaging equipment. In actual production, turning machines are receiving more and more attention. This trend also includes saving time and reducing costs. Therefore, the packaging industry pursues combination, simple, and movable packaging equipment. Automated operating procedures have been widely used in packaging machinery automation, such as PLC equipment, data collection systems, etc.

Turning machine products are divided into the following three types according to their basic structure:

1. Simple type: manual control of the winding process. Packaging speed is low. The rolling carriage speed, turntable/arm speed, and winding size cannot be adjusted. The overlap star, flanging amount, number of wrapping layers and cargo wrapping height of the film are controlled manually. It cannot be connected to the production line.

2. Semi-automatic type: manual and machine control of the wrapping process. Packaging speed is low. The speed of the rolling carriage, the speed of the turntable and the arm, and the size of the winding can be adjusted at any time. The overlapping amount, flanging amount, and number of wrapping layers of film packaging can be set in advance to automatically package goods, and the packaging height can be adjusted according to changes in the height of the goods.

3. Fully automatic: that is, the production line machine automatically controls the wrapping process. Package speed is higher. The fully automatic model can be directly connected to the conveyor belt on the production line, and the operation control system can be connected to the main controller of the production line to uniformly control the import and export of goods and the operation of the conveyor belt, and automatically determine all adjustment parameters of the packaging center position as presets. The laminating and film cutting device is equipped with removable safety guardrails and automatic safety locks to ensure the personal safety of the operator.

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