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How to avoid boxes falling out of the steel coil turning machine?


The practicality of the turning machine in mining equipment is inseparable from its own characteristics and properties. How to prevent the flipper from falling out?

Turning machine manufacturers conducted analysis from the following eight aspects:

1. The parts of the turning machine operate stably and are easy to control; the hanger of the unloader accepts a box-shaped layout and has high rigidity.

2. The spiral body is reinforced, wear-resistant, and has a long service life; the spiral body of the unloader is a left-side, large-diameter right double helix, and a large helix angle arrangement. The spiral rotating mechanism has large driving power, fast excavation, and large coal unloading power, and can be customized according to user requirements. It is required to add a hydraulic coincidence device.

3. The container flipper is composed of a cart traveling mechanism, a spiral lifting mechanism, and a spiral rotating mechanism. The spiral rotating mechanism is composed of an electrical control system and a steel structure. It is the basic mechanism to complete the unloading function.

4. The anti-falling device of the container turner mainly includes four twist lock mechanisms located at the four corners of the container turner hanger. A hydraulic control circuit controls the operation of the twist lock mechanism.

5. The rotary arm is fixed at the end of the spin lock shaft of the spin lock mechanism. The hydraulic control circuit is composed of a fuel tank. A multi-way valve is connected to the fuel tank. The driving cylinder is connected to and controlled by the multi-way valve. The electromagnetic throttle valve and hydraulic oil pipe are connected to the multi-way valve. Valves in parallel.

6. There are two driving cylinders, which are arranged on both sides of the hanger. Each driving cylinder is hinged with the rotating arms of the two twist lock mechanisms on the corresponding side through a connecting rod.

7. A metal detection plate is set on each connecting rod, and a pair of proximity switches are arranged on both sides of the corresponding metal detection plate of the hanger. There are two electromagnetic throttle valves, corresponding to a pair of proximity switches.

8. The two proximity switches in each pair of proximity switches are connected in series with the working indicator light, and then in parallel with the same emergency switch, in series with the corresponding electromagnetic throttle valve, and connected to the circuit control power supply.

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