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Customer Choice of Metal Tape Wrapping Machine

Why choose our metal tape winding packaging machine with stable performance, strong applicability, high winding efficiency, intelligent control, which can realize high-speed automatic operation, save time and labor, and one machine can replace many workers. Whether you choose a tray type or a rocker type, the prices of different types of equipment vary greatly. Users need to evaluate their own packaging output, the packaging efficiency and effect they want to achieve, and the difficulty of matching with the existing production process and price, and take them into consideration. Compared with similar foreign products, the production capacity is low and the energy consumption is high. The average energy consumption is 4 to 6 times that of developed countries. For packaging equipment, the efficiency requirements of packaging equipment are getting higher and higher, and the traditional winding packaging machine can no longer meet the needs of packaging.

According to the high requirements of the market, a high-speed ring wrapping packaging machine is launched, which can reach 120 pieces/hour. With its high efficiency, various packaging forms, and smooth appearance, it quickly occupied the market with large demand, especially the market with large performance gap of large complete sets of equipment. The production capacity of relatively advanced models in China is about half of the advanced level in foreign countries, but the overall technical level of food equipment in my country is about 20 years behind developed countries.
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