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The main device of the wire winding packaging machine

The wire winding packaging machine is powered by an AC motor and controlled by a frequency converter. Speed increases smoothly on start-up. The propshafts use hydraulic couplings to isolate torsional vibrations. The operating handle can make the winding disc have different speeds, realize forward rotation, reverse rotation and stop. The wire winding machine mainly includes a gear transmission driven by a motor, two or more wire spindles driven by the transmission and a rubber tube traction device. The winding stroke of the winding disc is the same, so the winding angle of each layer is different. The machine chooses a comprehensive balance angle of 54°44' to meet the process requirements. The coiled hose is clamped forward by the pinch traction, and the handle on the lower conversion rate section can change the traction speed. Use the handwheel to adjust the CVT according to the winding diameter and angle of the rubber hose to change the stroke. Wound packaging can be seen everywhere in our life.
There are products produced by automatic winding machines everywhere in our lives, such as the food we eat, the beverages we drink, detergents, daily necessities, medicines, etc. It can be seen that the wide application of automatic winding machines also reflects the needs of all aspects of society for automatic winding. The steel wire winding machine is used for winding and packaging steel wire, welding wire, cable and other wire materials to achieve good protection and decoration; the utility model has the advantages of fast packaging speed, wide packaging range, and simple operation. The quality of winding machines requires advanced equipment to achieve high precision and high efficiency in rubber and plastic processing, as well as to produce highly stable workpieces.
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