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  • ​Yes, by altering the frequency of the incoming power supply to a different frequency, a variable frequency drive, or VFD, can be utilized as a frequency converter. This is accomplished by first converting the incoming AC power into DC power using a rectifier, and then using an inverter circuit to convert the DC power back into AC power at the appropriate frequency.


  • Grease is the most used packing material for bearings. To create grease, a lubricant with a semi-solid consistency, oil is combined with a thickening ingredient like lithium. Grease sticks to bearing surfaces because it is thick and sticky, creating a protective layer that lowers wear and friction.


  • Nowadays as the market is becoming more and more competitive and challenging, innovation, team work and cooperation is very essential for a company to achieve fast and steady development.


  • July 15, , 2023, European customers came to our factory for a field visit. It is our excellent product and service, advanced technology and equipment, promising development prospects that attracted them for the visit.


  • ​The manufacturing process of Soft Motor Starter Cabinet includes the following steps:


  • The parameter setting is unreasonable. Solution: Readjust the parameters, increase the initial voltage appropriately, and lengthen the time appropriately.


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