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Applications and problems of fully automatic pallet turning machines


The 180-degree turning machine is a pallet turning machine that is very suitable for modern automatic packaging equipment to improve packaging efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and effectively utilize human resources.

It has been used in food, beverage, papermaking, chemical industry and other fields to prevent goods from being damaged and dampened during transportation.

Turning machines serve many industries, mainly for wrapping stacked products in a transparent film. According to relevant data, the current annual usage of domestic turning machines is around 4,000-6,000 units.

as follows:

1: How much does a fully automatic turning machine cost?

Price is an issue that concerns both buyers and sellers. A salesperson from a mold turning machine manufacturer said: Many customers want to know how much equipment they want to buy, but as far as equipment is concerned, there are several different configurations with different prices.

2: Which automatic turning machine is better?

There are many brands of turning machines on the market at present, and non-industry people don’t know which brand is better. If you do not know enough about or trust the product or manufacturer you want to buy, we recommend that you visit the manufacturer for an on-site inspection.

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