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Manufacturing process of Soft Motor Starter Cabinet


The manufacturing process of Soft Motor Starter Cabinet includes the following steps:

Design: First, it needs to be designed according to the customer's needs and requirements. The design includes circuit diagrams, layout diagrams, etc.

Cutting Parts: Use machine tools to cut the required parts from sheet metal. These components include enclosures, doors, frames and internal electrical and packaging components.

Bending and forming: Use bending machines and forming machines to bend the cut parts into the required shape and perform forming processing.

Painting: The parts are painted through a painting process to prevent rust and beautify the surface.

Installation and assembly: Assemble the processed parts, including electrical components, switches, plugs, rubber pads, etc. After completing the assembly, circuit and functional testing is required.

Quality control: Carry out quality control testing to ensure product quality meets regulatory standards.

Packaging and Delivery: Finally, the manufactured Soft Motor Starter Cabinet is packaged, labeled, and arranged for delivery to the customer.

The entire manufacturing process requires a high degree of expertise and quality control to ensure product safety, reliability and performance.

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