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Functional characteristics of the mechanical part of the single corrugated paper production line

1. Special structural design, mechanical wall panels and bases with excellent strength.
2. High-precision, high-hardness grinding gears are used, which are resistant to high speed and have a long service life.
3. The special cutting is also suitable for high-speed teaching cutting, and the cardboard is smooth and without burrs.
4. High-precision knife shaft, knife holder design, high-speed cutting is very stable.
5. Special adjustment and tool change structure design; adjustment and tool change is very convenient, simple and fast.
6. It adopts the straight-in paper feeding method to improve the operating safety factor, and the special design of the paper separation and trimming knife holder and the blade makes it very convenient to change the knife.
7. The famous mechanical components are all under strict quality control, and the assembly process is calibrated by precision instruments.
8. Easy to use, durable and long life are the characteristics of this machine.

9. The straight out machine adopts two-stage four-out horizontal out device with high and low rack electric two-way (arbitrary adjustment), which is easy to take paper and easy to operate.

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