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How to use the inverter correctly?

Many people don't know how to use the inverter correctly after purchasing it, resulting in short life of the inverter and some even fail to start normally. Today there are 10 tips to teach you how to use the inverter correctly.


1. The inverter must be selected correctly.
2. Carefully read the product instruction manual, and connect, install and use according to the requirements of the manual.
3. The frequency converter device should be reliably grounded to suppress radio frequency interference and prevent electric shock caused by leakage in the frequency converter.
4. Pay attention to ventilation and cooling or reduce the load appropriately to prevent the temperature rise of the motor from exceeding the allowable value.
5. The impedance of the power supply line should not be too small.
6. When the three-phase voltage imbalance of the power grid is greater than 3%, the peak value of the inverter input current will be very large, which will cause overheating of the inverter and connecting wires or damage electronic components. At this time, it is also necessary to install an AC reactor.
7. Do not install an oversized capacitor on the incoming line side to improve the power factor, nor install a capacitor between the motor and the inverter, otherwise the line impedance will drop, resulting in overcurrent and damaging the inverter.
8. Compensation capacitors cannot be connected in parallel on the outlet side of the inverter, nor can capacitors be connected in parallel to reduce the high-order harmonics of the output voltage of the inverter, otherwise the inverter may be damaged. In order to reduce harmonics, reactors can be connected in series.
9. The start and stop of speed regulation by frequency converter cannot be directly operated by circuit breaker and contactor, but should be operated by control terminals of frequency converter, otherwise the frequency converter will be out of control and may cause severe consequences.
10. It is generally not necessary to install an AC contactor between the inverter and the motor to avoid damage to the inverter due to overvoltage at the moment of interruption. If additional installation is required, the output contactor should be closed before the inverter runs; and before the inverter is disconnected, the inverter should stop outputting first.
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