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The difference between soft motor starter and frequency inverter.

1. The operating efficiency is different. There is no loss in bypass operation of soft motor starter, at least 15% drive system loss in operation of frequency inverter, and 25% loss of high voltage frequency inverter.
2. The bypass does not cause environmental pollution when the soft motor starter is running, while the environmental pollution when the converter is running is serious and cannot be effectively suppressed.
3. The frequency inverter can speed regulate and start the motor with constant torque, but the soft start can not speed regulate but can be clicked, and the starting torque is related to the starting voltage setting.
4. soft motor starter to prolong motor life.
5. The device usage of frequency inverter is about five times that of soft motor starter.

6. Inverter as a power-saving transformation can not achieve the expected energy-saving effect. Because the lowest drive itself has the same loss of 15-25%.


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