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The function and characteristic of packing machine.

Packing Machine is to complete all or part of the packaging process of the machine. The packaging process includes the main packaging processes such as filling, wrapping and sealing, as well as the related processes before and after, measuring and other ancillary equipment. Etc can meet the needs of most manufacturers.

Characteristics of Packing Machine:

Through the analysis of a large number of packaging machines, we see that packaging machines belong to automata. It not only has the commonality of general automata, but also has its own characteristics. The main characteristics of Packing Machine are:
(1) Most Packing Machine has complex structure and mechanism, fast movement speed and high requirements for action coordination. In order to meet the performance requirements, the stiffness and surface quality of parts have high requirements.
(2) The working force of the packaging actuator is generally small, so the motor power of the Packing Machine is small.
(3) Packing Machine generally adopts stepless transmission device, in order to flexibly adjust the packaging speed, adjust the production capacity of Packing Machine. Because there are many factors affecting the quality of packaging, such as the working state of the Packing Machine (the motion state of the mechanism, the temperature and humidity of the working environment, etc.), the delivery of packaging materials and the measurement of packaging. Therefore, in order to facilitate the adjustment of the machine, to meet the needs of quality and production capacity, Packing Machine mostly use stepless transmission devices.
(4) Packing Machine is a special type of professional machinery, a wide variety of production quantity is limited. In order to facilitate manufacturing and maintenance and reduce equipment investment, attention should be paid to standardization, versatility and versatility in the design of packaging machine.

The role of packaging machinery:
(1) Improve labor productivity and ensure packaging quality

Mechanical packaging instead of manual packaging, so that products do not contact with the human body directly, reduce the exposure time of products in the air, which provides a reliable guarantee for the cleanliness of food and medicine and metal products corrosion prevention. Mechanical packaging accurate measurement, tight packaging, neat and beautiful appearance, stable packaging quality, packaging normalization, standardization.

Ultra-large Horizontal Bearing Packing Machine

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