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What are the essential functions of winding machine?


We all know that it is generally used for packing goods. Winding machine plays a protective role of dustproof, moisture-proof and wear-proof in daily production and packaging. Then what essential functions does winding machine have?

1, with a certain precision in the process of reproduction, the winding machine has high requirements, such as productivity, reliability, and the quality of packaged products, which requires the winding machine to have a certain precision. The higher the precision of the winding machine, the higher the requirement of the manufacturing precision of the machine, the higher the material of the parts, the higher the cost of machinery manufacturing. Therefore, the precision of the winding machine must be based on various requirements, and our technicians are designed after a comprehensive analysis. 

2, improve the degree of "Sanhua" "Sanhua" refers to the variety series of packaging machine, zero, the generalization and standardization of parts. Improving the "three" degree of the machine can reduce the varieties of parts and components, shorten the design and manufacturing cycle of the machine, increase the production volume, facilitate the organization of production, reduce the cost of machine manufacturing, and help to improve the quality of the machine.

3, easy to manufacture, operation, maintenance winding machine parts complex structure, in the design, should pay attention to the structure of the parts technology. At the same time, the designer must be for the sake of the operator of the machine, so that the operator can easily change the packaging materials, add materials, observe the working situation of the machine, and facilitate the adjustment, repair and maintenance of the machine. In addition, there should be safety protection devices to prevent personal safety accidents, machine damage and packaging quality accidents.

4, The application scope of the winding machine refers to the packaging form, the type and specification of the applicable packaging materials and the variety and specification of the packaging materials that can be completed by a winding machine. In this regard, our designers are based on the actual needs of the factory, the nature of materials, the nature of packaging materials and the batch of packaging products to determine the scope of use of packaging machine.

5, Productivity The productivity of high winding packing machine refers to the number of materials or pieces packed by a machine in a unit time. In the design of winding machine, under the premise of meeting the use requirements, improve the motion accuracy, automation and reliability of the packaging machine, disperse the packaging process to improve the productivity.

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