Coil Winding Packaging Machine
  • Coil Winding Packaging MachineCoil Winding Packaging Machine
  • Coil Winding Packaging MachineCoil Winding Packaging Machine
  • Coil Winding Packaging MachineCoil Winding Packaging Machine

Coil Winding Packaging Machine

This Yilane Tech® Coil Winding Packaging Machine has the advantages of high performance, fast packaging speed, wide range of packaging, and easy operation. It is the best choice for you to improve work efficiency, save work time, reduce product packaging costs, and improve product grades.

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Product Description

The China Yilane Tech® coil winding packaging machine plays a good role in protecting copper coils and steel strips from rust, corrosion and dust. Can be widely used in titanium wire copper strip, aluminum strip, bearing, steel wire, cable, rubber

Outer packaging of ring-shaped objects such as pipes.

Yilane Tech® Coil Winding Packaging Machine is mainly used to pack ring products such as ten rice straw, copper tube, bobbin tube, steel wire, steel strip, copper strip, coal wire, thread spinning, wire rod, tire, etc. with warp dimension, so that the packaging objects can be relatively sealed, thus achieving self satisfaction

Protection and decoration of Coil Winding Packaging Machine

Winding mode: inside through type, outside through type

Product quality ≤ 400KG ≤ 1000KG

Belt cutting mode Manual cutting Automatic cutting

Coil Winding Packaging Machine Basic features:

● Vertical or horizontal type can be adopted as required

● Automatic or semi-automatic control mode can be adopted

● Internal or external type can be selected

● High abrasion resistant polyurethane friction wheel is adopted, and the slip ring is of integral casting structure

● Slip ring can move up and down to adapt to products with different inner and outer diameters

● Optional synchronous winding mechanism, which can simultaneously complete synchronous winding of two different packaging materials

● Packaging materials such as woven tape, winding film, non-woven fabric, plastic tape, composite paper tape and linen tape can be used

● Unique tension adjusting mechanism is adopted. The tightness and overlap of the package can be adjusted as required

● The carrier roll and guard roll can be coated according to actual needs

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